Token TTInvest is an independent exchange instrument issued by the TUGARIN team, together with «Invest Group» (Russia), in cooperation with «ITInvest», with the aim of investing in a large integration project. This token is a promising investment tool in itself, as the team is negotiating an independent listing of the token immediately on 3 large exchanges: Livecoin, Yobit and Binance.

Besides, from November 2018 the TUGARIN team will launch a service to buy out the TTInvest token. The TTInvest Token will continue to exist and will be supported by the developers, but all interested parties will be able to exchange TTInvest for TGRcoin one to one starting on November 20, 2018 and termless. The exchange will be made by the developers from the fund formed by the premine – more details about the distribution of the funds of the premine in Whitepaper or on the site of the project.

The TTInvest Token is created in the ERC20 standard and works in the ETHER network, which provides security for the project investors.

TTInvest is ready to become another branch of a large project.

Total tokens – 23M.

You can buy a token TTInvest one of the first already now on the decentralized stock exchange EtherDelta, thereby supporting the TUGARIN project.

Addres: 0x7a3AA244Cb5520Cd40876c604953C269044f6599

Name: TTInvest

Decimals: 8