Tugarin uses the Fresh algorithm.

Algorithm Fresh offers 15% to 20% less energy usage compared to x11 / x13 / x15. The Fresh algorithm combines some of the low energy hashing algorithms (SHAVITE, SIMD and ECHO) and the 5 rounds of multiple algorithms are supposed to provide high security and to keep ASIC miners away.

The Tugarin does not endorse any particular software, or hardware, and the content below is provided for informational purposes only.

GPU Miner

Below is sgminer to work in Win10 and Win7.

sgminer 4.1.0
Download link:!U352gawa
Decryption key:  !JE79Ck4qqyKjsPx_Yx7B7qyfuTjDtE7jm0kLGA5xBms
You can also use
ccminer  with Fresh support  for Nvidia
…or other versions
sgminer with Fresh support for AMD

Download the miners software, unpack them to the folder of your choice and make the start.bat file (for GPU miner) as follows:

start.bat for GPU Miner:

ccminer -a fresh -o -u your_rpc_user -p your_rpc_password

Start the miner software start.bat file accordingly. Keep in mind that the wallet has to be installed and working on the computer for the mining. To use solo mining, create a configuration file. In the directory with the database files TGRcoin tgr.conf

  rpcuser = your_rpc_user
  rpcpassword = your_rpc_password
  rpcallowip =
  listen = 1
  server = 1
  daemon = 1
  rpcport = 17526
  pоrt = 17527

 the tgr.conf file must be located:
For Windows
For Linux