Coin TGR is not just a coin. This is basis foundation for all system, which is uniting crypto-, stock, futures, commodity and currency-markets.

Our aim is development of an all crypto-currency market by the way of integration to the world financial system.

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The market of crypto-currencies is a relatively young phenomenon. Its active development began in the distant of 2013, it has led to an unprecedented increase in the cost of virtually all existing crypto-assets. But already by the beginning of 2017, first signs of the «money bubble» began to appear. The growth of the majority of crypto-currencies in 2017 provided only by the arrival of new investors on the market, and, accordingly, a large amount of fiat money. The mechanism of the growth of the rates has acquired features of a classical financial pyramid.

Even coins, such as Bitcoin, or Ethereum, that have innovative technological and financial ideas in their basis, have been attacked by the press and the expert community. Also, such a mechanism for the rates’ growth is becoming less efficient with the increase in the total capitalization of crypto-currency market. In our opinion, the most important factor for the further development of the crypto-currencies is their integration into the world financial system.

Successful and reliable crypto-currencies should become a generally accepted financial asset. Our team sees the realization of this task in creating a structured and understandable financial system that connects classical financial markets and the market of crypto-currencies.

Financial model

We have developed the financial model that will allow crypto-currencies to become a value not only because they could been exchanged for fiat money, but also because it is a valuable asset that allows realizing many opportunities of modern financial markets. As it known, fiat money rates formed not in stores, but in the Forex market. Our main thesis is that the acceptance of crypto-currencies as payment method in shops of different countries, it still does not make them full currencies.
The crypto-currency will get a real value and will rise, in general terms, to one level with gold, dollar and other classical financial instruments only by taking its niche in the world financial system, but they will remain to be independent in terms of conducting transactions.

TGR Coin Mission

The reason why we have created the coin TGR is to make it the basis for implementing our model. It will serve as a support for those financial instruments and services that we will launch as part of the formation of the integration mechanism.
But, speaking of the crypto-currency market, we do not mean the existence of our coin only. Our task is to let all strong and reliable crypto-currency enter the world financial system.

Integration policy

The first stage of the implementation of our system is to place TGR in the maximum number of crypto-currency exchangers in order to provide the most convenient access to purchasing a coin TGR for users.
At the same time, the coin TGR is not pre-released. The issue of the coins is the result of mining of PoW. This will allow even more people to join the system built by our team.

The second stage is the creation of the Forex platform for strong crypto-currencies. Futures on EURUSD, USDJPY, GPBUSD and other popular instruments, denominated in ETH, BTC, TGR and other crypto-currencies, will awaken additional interest in сrypto-currency market and let to blur the borders between financial assets in people’s minds.
And the most important thing in the implementation of this stage is that we know how to make such a platform legal and workable.

The third stage of the project implementation involves the creation of an exchange that gives access to the commodity market, as well as the stock and derivatives markets nominated in the strongest crypto-currencies.
Our team consists of professional participants in financial markets and outstanding financiers from all around the world. These people have been in the shadow of the financial system for a long time, but now they are ready to share their experience and knowledge for the implementation of such an ambitious project. We know, how to motivate companies to place their shares in an exchange market denominated in a crypto-currency. We know how to let the Crypto-currency into the commodity market.

The fourth stage involves the creation of conditions for the demand for crypto-currency in the banking sector, using already created platforms and tools.
In our team we have people who can talk to the largest bankers in one language. It is possible to explain to bankers the need to implement operations with crypto-currencies only in the paradigm of their thinking. But before that, it is needed to reinforce the positions of crypto-currency market through symbiosis with the existing financial system.

TGR Community

The integration fund will consist of the pre-mine funds. It will be used to provide margin trading for market participants, starting with the launch of the Forex platform. Also, the fund’s resources will allow us to guarantee the protection of suppliers’ interests in the commodity and derivatives markets.

The help of each member of the TGR community in the further development of the crypto-currency market will be invaluable. Our desire to create the conditions for development for all strong crypto-instruments. It is due to the confidence that the crypto-currencies are a logical evolutionary continuation of the existing monetary and financial system. But any global changes, even positive ones, are not accepted by the society and the states by default. It is necessary to implement the efforts of fanatical enthusiasts, of which our team is composed.
Our team is open to dialogue with all participants of the crypto-currency market, who are ready to help the implementation of our project with a word and an action.

Roadmap TGR

Launch of the blockchain network. The beginning of coin mining. Formation of the TGR community.
Listing the TGR on the main stock exchange markets. Addition of the coin to exchange sites will begin in April and will continue as the coin develops.
April 2018
Launch of the FOREX platform with the tools nominated in the TGR.
December 2018
Launch of financial instruments case for the conduct of the Interbank Currency Exchange.
April 2019
Launch of a structured exchange market located in the legal field and allowing trading in the stock and commodity markets in several crypto-currencies including the TGR.
October 2019
Providing access to financial assets in the stock and futures markets for large financial players (banks, funds, brokerage companies).
July 2020
Providing the possibility of opening crypto-currency accounts in banks that are partners of the TGR.
October 2020
Token Structure

Distribution of coins

TGR community members will have access to all the services of a great project. Blockchain technology allows us to make the financial system faster and better.

  • 85.6% Mining
  • 9% Integration fund
  • 3% Investors reward
  • 1.4% Team
  • 1% Bounty campaign